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Spreading Joy and Inclusivity: Autism Awareness Week with GetAir

In a world where acts of kindness are rare, it's amazing to see instances of generosity that go above and beyond. Recently, GetAir, a trampoline park known for its exciting jumps and fun activities, demonstrated such generosity in an exceptional way.

On March 12th, 2024, GetAir opened its doors wide and welcomed all clients and coaches from Caring Circuit Institute (CCI) for an entire week of free jumping sessions. But that's not all - they went above and beyond by treating everyone to a pizza party, complete with drinks and chips! It was a gesture that radiated warmth and inclusivity, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated. Gabriel Navarro, the manager behind this remarkable initiative, orchestrated the week-long event as a tribute to Autism Awareness Week. Recognizing the importance of creating inclusive spaces for individuals with autism, GetAir graciously extended its hospitality, offering a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

The touching impact of this event did not go unnoticed as reflected in a message received from a grateful parent whose son joined us:

Our client Mike enjoying the foam pit at GetAir

"Aww thank you so much. Mike has been home since the pandemic. He attended school online until they allowed him back into the school. So he missed a couple of years interacting with people. It feels so good to see him enjoying himself again thank you." - Mike's Mother

Reflecting on her son's experience, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to witness him reconnecting with the joy of social interaction and play. Moments like these are precious reminders of the power of community and compassion.

This heartwarming gesture allows us to share our common goal of creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and celebrated. In a world that often feels divided, let us strive to embody the spirit of generosity and compassion by spreading joy and inclusivity wherever we go.

So here's to GetAir, for not only providing thrilling jumps and endless fun but also for exemplifying the true essence of community and kindness. May their example inspire us all to reach out a hand of friendship and understanding, making the world a brighter and more inclusive place for everyone. 💙#goblue

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