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Take a look at our enthusiastic team of professionals who love being part of and contributing to the community and work around the clock to ensure the best experience for all members. 


Azmavet Mejia


Mary Consalvo

Billing Specialist

I am part of our HR department and I am responsible for getting our clients approvals to join our programs. I also help in many areas that will improve the quality service that we provide for our clients.

I love to do DIY projects, spend time with my family, and travel. In my spare time I enjoy weightlifting, reading poetry, and expanding my knowledge/education on ASD.


Raymond Ramirez

Employment Program Representative

Hey there! I oversee the Employment Program for our San Bernardino Branch. I am responsible for reviewing and completing documentation as it relates to our clients goals and objectives.   I also oversee Job Coaches while they are at the worksites with our clients. 

 I love helping our clients and see them attain the lifestyle they deserve. I also love serving in the community, spending time with family, playing video games, and exercising!


Judy Rodriguez

CFO, Director of HR and Finance

A lifelong learner and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Enjoy reading, listening to audiobooks spending time with my family, and baking.


Elia Flores


My goal is to recruit individuals with compassionate hearts to join our team and assist our clients in securing permanent jobs at our partner job site.

One of my favorite things is helping others and keeping a positive outlook. It brings me great joy to be able to make a difference in someone's day and contribute to their well-being.


Maria Mendoza

Assistant Development Program Supervisor

l perform intake interviews and gather information from new prospective clients.

I love working with our clients and learning new things about our clients' needs.

I enjoy spending time with my family.


Kassandra Villalobos

Development Program Supervisor


Janelle Sauceda

Transportation Supervisor

As the transportation supervisor, I'm responsible for ensuring that our routes are as efficient and accurate as possible.

I'm a huge Disney fan I enjoy visiting the parks , I also love Legos and I love to explore new places with my fiancé, I also enjoy trying new food and reading new books.


Samuel Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Driven by the belief that all working age adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, can and should, have the same opportunities to work in a competitive integrated setting within their respective communities and are recognized for the contributions and capabilities they have to offer.

I love seeing people grow and developed; I hope for one day to have a garden.


Joe Castro

Employment Program Supervisor

I am responsible for reviewing and completing documentation as it relates to the participant’s goals and objectives, supervise Job Coaches while they are at the worksites and the participants, and research possible job placements, evaluate participant performance and act as a liaison between the Job Coach and employer to assure continued success of placement.

I enjoy spending time with my family. exercising, encouraging and motivating people. I like seafood and all kinds of other foods.


Delise Santos

Training Specialist

I train, coach, motivate, encourage, teach, partner, unite, bridge people together, network, build, discover and highlight people's gifts and talents

My Favorites: I love people, I love to laugh, I love the Word of God, I love to bike ride


Vanessa Andrade

Digital Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer

Hello there! I manage, design, produce and deliver both digital and physical marketing programs to support the expansion and growth of CCI's services. 

When I'm not hiking or rollerskating, you can find me spending time with family and friends, watching Star Wars, drawing, and playing with my two cats!

Admin Team


Our Coaches


These phenomenal individuals work alongside our clients

and help guide them through development, training,

and employment with care and love.

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