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Cooking Training Program Update!

After much collaboration, vision casting, and planning, CCI's cooking training program has received a new name and look! We are so excited to announce Caring Hands Catering!

Caring Hands Catering was developed by our amazing dream coaches, Alice and Shawnta, and field trainer, Petra, to help our talented clients ignite their love for cooking as well as learn proper cooking etiquette, kitchen safety, meal prepping, and much more. The cooking team's goal was to create a safe space for individuals to express their creativity through food while also giving them the opportunity to encourage one another and gain the confidence to explore and try new things when at home or out in the community.

Within the past three months, Caring Hands has been gaining love and support from organizations within San Bernardino County. They were blessed with the chance to cater for the Heart Foundation, Faith-Based Network, CityWay, and EC Building's monthly luncheons as well as organize their own Bake Sales. There is still much growth to be done but nevertheless, they are so grateful to be able to share their heart and vision for the cooking program with everyone.

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