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Touring behind the scenes of the Victorville Police Station!

We had the amazing opportunity to take part in four behind-the-scenes tours of the Victorville Police station. Our clients checked out the Police cars and met everyone in the station including the Gang Unit, the station's Lieutenant, and the Sheriff's Service Specialist.

The Victorville police not only gave a tour but they also spoke to our clients on how to interact with officers, how it is okay for them to verbalize that they have a disability, when they should and shouldn’t call 911, and about the significance of internet safety.

Most importantly, they expressed to our clients that they should not be afraid of law

enforcement. They are their friends and willing to help them at any time. Our clients even got to talk with the detectives and ask questions! Everyone was welcomed with love and our clients even became junior deputies!

Thank you, Victorville Police Department, for allowing us to take a look around the station and sharing the importance of creating a stronger bond between the police and the I/DD community.

"Visiting your local Police or Sherriff's station promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. It is a great opportunity for the I/DD community to build bridges with local law enforcement." - Inland Regional Center

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