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Learn all about Caring Circuit Institute! Our vision, mission, why CCI was created, and the foundations of this company.



Servant Leadership

CCI's vision is to provide an environment of security, success,

and self-fulfillment through the sustainability of employment and community integration.  

Leading with integrity, a team of professionals are invested in developing a higher quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities, by offering competitive employment and instilling the tools necessary to develop their gifts and talents to grow and succeed.

and Uplift

All employees are to display a servant leadership attitude toward clients and colleagues.

We are to build and uplift all individuals through our words and actions.


Speak Truth
in Love


At CCI, we are fueled by a firm belief that everyone who enters our doors will

be welcomed into a safe, respectful, supportive, and accepting environment. 

Image by Ian Schneider

All employees are to display a servant leadership attitude toward clients and colleagues.

Servant Leadership


Everyone is to be treated with dignity and respect.

Dignity & Respect

Rock Balancing

We are to build and uplift all individuals through our words and actions.

Build & Uplift

Image by Oleg Laptev

We speak truth,

always in love to impact individuals and help guide them towards self-fulfillment and enriching relationships.

Speak Truth in Love


We are to

collaborate with colleagues and contribute our unique talents, strengths, and skills to create an environment of excellence to fulfill our vision.



Caring Circuit Institute embraces the philosophy that all working-age adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, can and should, have opportunities to work in a competitive integrated setting within their respective communities. Opportunities that afford the abilities to where they can enjoy greater earnings, better benefits, improved health, and an enhanced quality of life.

In the past and often the present, unfortunately, many individuals with disabilities have lacked access to the training, employment, and social opportunities that build social value.


CCI's Employment and Development Center was formed to begin

long-range planning to support a culture change where individuals with disabilities are recognized for the contributions and capabilities

they have to offer. It will be the purpose of CCI's Employment and Development Center to provide the individualized support necessary for participants to build vocational and community relationships in order to allow individuals to meet personal goals and function as independently as possible in community settings.

Developmental &
Training Program

Our Developmental program help individuals with disabilities break barriers and meet needs. We work with our clients to achieve their goals and master their desired life skills to help them live the self-sustainable lifestyle they desire and deserve.

In doing so, each individual has the opportunity to build a purpose for their lives and have a placement in society through our employment program.


Employment Program

Our unique Employment program offers our partners access to a labor pool of highly functional individuals with developmental disabilities who are motivated and excited to work. We are committed to listening and collaborating with our partners to build a training program that produces a workforce that meets their specific labor needs.

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